Will disapproving a patrol remove it from Scouts membership history?

Will disapproving an empty patrol remove it from any Scouts that were members in it from their membership history?

I know it used to. We ended up with some confusing leadership position listings as a result. I have since started renaming our “disbanded” patrols ZZ_PatrolName so they stay, but end up at the bottom of the list.

The memberships in the old / disapproved patrol(s) will remain in the Scout’s Membership. I’m not sure what happens on the Scout’s Leadership for positions that are associated with disapproved patrols.

When our Troop first switched to SB, the admin setup 1 patrol with all of the Scouts to setup the Troop positions(as I was told). It took awhile to setup the correct patrols and there was a delay until the next patrol election cycle. At this point whomever were PL/APLs at that point we didn’t use SB for tracking their POR. So trying to decide how to best cleanup the old single patrol without too much work. For now I might just us a rename to something along Charley’s suggestion for now.

Leadership is not effected - right now it does not show (even on popup) the patrol name

Er…it shows patrol names in the list below:

@CharleyHamilton I was looking at top half of screen - BUT here is proof the Pack has not used patrol names since I left. And Viper patrol ended like 2 years ago

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 7.47.18 PM

Troop-level positions that are not associated with a patrol (SPL, ASPL, Instructor, Quartermaster, etc.) wouldn’t be listed with a patrol name.

With my original post I was just thinking about membership itself. However as has been mentioned there is also Patrol level leadership positions that I hadn’t thought of when I first posted.

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