Withdrawn Application, How Long for Refund to Post?

I have a parent that applied to our Pack and paid, but withdrew the application almost immediately, no one in our Pack accepted it. She said the payment has posted (cleared, non-pending) on her credit card. I’m assuming that’ll be refunded, how long will that take?

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Dustin Jones

You will need to speak with your Council to find out. I imagine it requires manual intervention to issue a refund.

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Ok, thank you, I’ll contact them.

We had one. It required a ticket to be entered by our registrar. It still hasn’t cleared from the app, but I believe they got the refund. The registrar is having to enter a second ticket to get it cleared.

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Ok, so it sounds like something I have to contact my council about. She’s actually looking to join a Troop (her son turns 11 in December), and she’s amenable to having the money put towards that. So I imagine that’ll work out better from BSA’s perspective, they just keep the money and she pays the difference to the Troop (their dues are more). I’m in contact with the Troop, so we’ll figure it out.

Thanks again.

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