World Conservation Award (Webelos)? AOL

Why does the Webelos World Conservation Award have an AOL requirement now? It lists Building a Better World which has now been separated to an AOL advancement.

And we have been told not to work on anything AOL because of the change happening this June.

The scout has done almost everything else.

@EmilyHancock - from the 2022 award paperwork

Webelos Scout Requirements (including youth earning the Arrow of Light rank)
You may earn the World Conservation Award by doing the following:

  1. Earn the Building a Better World adventure.
  2. Earn the Into the Wild adventure.
  3. Earn the Into the Woods adventure.
  4. Earn the Earth Rocks adventure.
  5. Outline a fair test that shows what you need to do to test a fertilizer’s effect on plant growth.
  6. Carry out the experiment you designed in requirement 5.
  7. Carry out the experiment again but change the independent variable. Report what you learned
    about how changing the variable affected plant growth.
  8. Participate in a den or pack conservation project in addition to the above

@EmilyHancock Webelos right now is an 18 month program (Webelos & AOL) - come June 1 that changes and this award ends.

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Comment - June 01 is the published date of the change. It is the date National uses as the standard for “end of the school year”. They have to choose a date for advancing the grade of cub scouts in My.Scouting and June 01 is a decent match. So, ‘do what’s best for your scouts’. As a result, many places where school ends in mid-June will implement the changes in the pack then. That change would be promoting the dens to the next rank in Scoutbook.

Sorry, I don’t have a reference to quote for June 01 = nominal end of school.

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From the Cub Scout Program Updates FAQ

Q: Our schools get out past June 1st, will our Cub Scouts be able to complete their badge of rank that they are currently working on, past June 1st?
A: Yes. Scoutbook will allow you to enter the advancement of the current program between June 1 and August 31st.

Q: Will I be able to enter advancement for the current Adventures or badges of rank past June 1, 2024?
A: Yes. You will have until August 31, 2024, to enter any advancement for the current Adventures, Cub Scout awards, or badge of rank.

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Currently do not have the option to enter in building a better world for my webelo. I would have to go into AOL and enter it in there. Then what happens? As of June 1, then won’t go away and they have to restart it? Right now is listed under AOL. You can’t be working on webelo and Mark off that adventure in Scout book. That is my question.

@EmilyHancock Build a Better world is not part of the new program

Neither is the World Conservation Award

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