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Cub Scout World Conservation Award in Internet Advancement 2

Any one know why the Cub Scout World Conservation Award is not available to AOL Scouts in Internet Advancement 2?

Why is the Cub Scout World Conservation award listed 2 times for Wolf? I did not see this for Wolf and Webelos. The 2015 Version of the award is the one posted on Link -->

See image below from IA2 for Wolf record advancements.

  1. Webelos Scouts working towards the AOL rank earn the Webelos version. There are no AOL dens, so there is no AOL option.

  2. There are 2 different versions of this award: the 2015 version and the current version.

Jen - I think Item 2 - may be reversed. The 2015 would be current as of the program change and the non-year would be the 2010 requirement version. Ok…did I make as clear as mud.

Sorry, @Stephen_Hornak is correct. The 2015 version is the current version.

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Let me rephrase my question. I have a Scout who is working on the Webelos Rank but the award in the IA2 showing is Cub Scout World Conservation Award v2015 (Bear) that he can earn. That makes no sense to me as I would think the Scout should be working on the Webelos level since that is the rank is he currently working on. See requirements below.

Or is the award not earned till after you earn the rank?

Webelos Scout Requirements (including boys earning the Arrow of Light rank)
You may earn the World Conservation Award by doing the following:
________ 1. Earn the Building a Better World adventure.
________ 2. Earn the Into the Wild adventure.
3. Earn the Into the Woods adventure.
________ 4. Earn the Earth Rocks adventure.
________ 5. Complete requirements 1, 3a, and 3b from the Adventures in Science adventure.
________ 6. Participate in a den or pack conservation project in addition to the above.

Why do none of the other ranks have a non 2015 version in IA2? See screen below:


I believe it is due to the way awards are architected in Scoutbook. Ranks, adventures and Merit Badges are architected to allow for multiple versions and there is a version selector on the page. Awards do not have a version selector so the only way to create multiple award versions it to name them differently. I believe IA2 is seeing these versions as multiple, unique awards and displaying them all.