Wrong location on MB Counselor List

I am a new merit badge counselor. When you search for me in the “Find a MB Counselor” screen, I show up with the wrong location (my old city, state, and zip).

I have checked every place I can on the site (profile, account, etc.) and my address is correctly entered with my new, current city and state. I cannot figure out where the information is populating from on the “Find a MB Counselor” page and why I can’t change it from my old address.

It’s an issue because if people search for counselors in my current area, I won’t show up at all because of the wrong zip.

First question, does your MBC position show up when you log into my.scouting under My Profile → Registrations? If so, try updating your address (add & remove a character, then save) at my.scouting. That should force an update out to all of the systems (within 24-ish hours).

If not, you likely have multiple accounts, and your MBC registration might be tied to the other one.

The MBC position does show up.

I re-saved my address and that forced the update. Thank you!

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