Wrong Position Entered

I have a new adult volunteer whose position is entered into Scoutbook incorrectly. Will he need to be re-registered in the correct position even if I update his positions in Scoutbook?

Your COR or COR delegate can use the position manager in my.scouting.org to change it

@AndrewBrewer If it is Scoutbook - an Admin can easily correct it

I should’ve wrote that better, I meant that he was incorrectly registered as an Assistant Cubmaster, when he was supposed to be registered as a Webelos DL. I’ve updated Scoutbook to reflect the DL position, but if I remove the ACM position it wouldn’t change it in myscouting correct?

no the COR could correct that in my.scouting.org > Roster > Position Manager - or you could get council involved to fix it - or correct it at recharter

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