New Yellow Triangle - date of removal?

I know there was a big announcement with a date for the first round of yellow triangles. There is an adult in the pack that I didn’t think had a registration, but they weren’t flagged in the first round.

When will this new round be deleted/removed?

Would you give us their BSA Member ID?
were they in your unit for a few months?

Their BSA ID is 12078074. They have been around for a long time. I was surprised when they weren’t removed originally and just assumed they had a current registration with some other unit I wasn’t aware of that kept them on the pack Scoutbook roster.

He had a BSA registration, but it expired 12/31/2020.

He might not have been removed because of the 4 month grace period.

The yellow triangle just appeared. If I had to guess, the later half of this last week.

I just found it odd.

Thanks for letting us know. I will find out if it should have been removed and was not


Any word? Still there, still triangle.

I guess I am wondering about a standard work process, more than anything. As adults membership expires post re-charter or expired YPT, will they normally now show up like this? If so, how long before they are auto removed?

It is not working in a way that I expected.

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The developers have found an issue with some adults not being removed from rosters even though they no longer have a registration. They are workin on a fix.

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