Parents not auto-selected when "send message" to den

If I hit the send message from a specific den page not all the parents are autoselected on the following page. The leaders connected to a scout are autoselected but the average parent is not. If I look at the kid’s connections I see that they are connected to the parent (parent/guardian checkbox selected) as I would expect. Even though I see that connection the parent is still not auto selected in the send message to a den (I can find their name and select them). What could be causing this?

We just moved to Scoutbook and this is the case for every den and every parent except adult leaders who are selected as you would expect if their son is in the den.

Hi, @MichaelHerman1,

I’m not sure if this would cause the behavior you’re seeing, but have any of the parents accepted the invitations to connect with their Scoutbook accounts, or are they all still shown as pending when you look at the scout’s connections?

ETA: Well so much for that idea.

@MichaelHerman1 - When I am in a specific den, and I click send message it auto selects the parents specific to the scouts in the den. They should select even if they have not accepted the invite.

messages from the Den page works fine for me and selects all parents. It does not matter if they have accepted the invite or not. You might try going to the scout whose parents you dont see - clicking on that parent to see the connection and hitting update. see if that helps

@MichaelHerman1 - the best way to know for sure to know if your correct den parents are being selected you can go to the den page, on the gear above the scout list select show parents. Take count of them the in the message page verify that those same parents are chosen. You can also choose the print roster selecting show parents.

@ Stephen_Hornak I used the show parents as you suggested, and all the parents show up with the scout on the den roster page. But then if I go to send message those same parents are not selected. Some have accepted the invite and some have not but others said that should not matter. I am at a loss for what’s going on.

Is there sometype of setting that would only send a message to Adult Leaders and not parents?

@MichaelHerman1 - so none are selected or some are… just trying to get a handle on the difference in condition. You can for those who are not showing up, go to the scout page then click on the parent and make sure the parent box is checked and click update. Perhaps some screen shots may help us get an insight into the issue

@DonovanMcNeil your suggestion of clicking update worked. I went through all the scouts and clicked on their parent connection and then clicked update at the bottom (without actually changing any info). Now they all show up.

@Stephen_Hornak Thanks for the help too. TO answer your last question some scouts’ parents were auto-selected and some were not. As I mentioned above, selecting update on each parent’s connection page fixed the issue.

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