Youth Explorer Post now an Adult

I have multiple explorers that are registered as youth but now are adults. They have filled out all the new adult paperwork and have taken the YPT. How do I change them to adult participants on the roster so I can recharter. Do I have to remove them and then add them back as a new member?

Are they registered as leaders? IF so they should have appeared that way. Post a BSA # and we can give a better answer

No they are explorer participants now, not leaders. They have turned 18 this year and now need to be changed from youth explorer post members to adult explorer participants. BSA 136993023

@TaraLadrach think that is more of a council question - as this Scout is still a youth as a registered position

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See page 12


For Exploring unique issues in Internet Rechartering 2.0, please also see the Exploring Addendum,


Were you able to get your issue resolved?

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