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Youth Leader (SPL, JASM, Patrol Leader) Permissions

The Youth leadership can only seen their own information in Scoutbook. There needs to be a permission level for youth leaders so they can manage their own troop. They can’t even see who is in what patrol or enter/edit calendar events for which they are responsible. The current functionality of Scoutbook for Scouts BSA takes the Youth-led out of the equation.


This is on the development backlog but we do not know when it will be scheduled for implementation. It requires a rewrite of the permission/connection system in Scoutbook.

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Unfortunately this is a must have feature. Scouts BSA is a youth led program and this limitation makes this an ineffective tool for the Scouts to use. I am glad to hear this feature may be added. However, until then, this is not something useful for our Troop.

We would also like youth to be able to create and maintain calendar events for their unit.

We’re very small so don’t need the Patrol Roster access, but the Calendar would be great for them to use Scoutbook as the “single source of the truth” when planning upcoming events. Currently, the PLC posts to a Google Calendar that’s tied to the SPL’s school account, which the opposite of sustainable!

@JasonKirschten - As a professional programmer, I read @edavignon’s reply as meaning that it will not be added unless it’s deemed a higher priority, worth the effort required to rewrite the permissions system (which has got to be a herculean task).


Youth serving in some positions can take attendance via the Scouting app. I don’t recall the full list but SPL, ASPL and Scribe are included. Currently youth do not have access to edit the calendar or take attendance in Scoutbook.

@edavignon - Thanks for clarifying that some youth positions have some overall access. We don’t use the attendance feature, but your replies to this and other topics here help us understand more clearly how things work and what’s happening with development.

I may not agree with all the priorities, but I’m happier knowing that there are people on the other side of this web page that are responding to users’ needs.

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Create a fake adult leader account, give it view advancement permission on all scouts, and make it a Committee Secretary. Give the login for this account to the PLC (but not the underlying e-maill address). change the password whenever the PLC changes.

Scouts can see patrols and members, but it is a little cumbersome to get there. Have the Scout go to their My Advancement, then click on the unit breadcrumb. They will then see the unit page.

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When logged in as a Scout parent, I have found where a Patrol Leader can see the Scouts in their patrol, but they are not “connected” and when I click the “connect” button, it circles back to the account’s administration page. So can a patrol leader message the members of their patrol?

Hi, @LisaBattern,

In Scoutbook (the web interface, not the Scouting app, AFAIK), the scouts can message one another, assuming that the scouts have their own accounts (i.e. have been invited by the parents). If not, the scout has to message the parents of the scouts in the patrol. There is no easy way to grab the parents of a scout without knowing the names native to Scoutbook.

However, if the scout sending the message uses the Feature Assistant Extension, he or she can create a custom email group, which can then be used to message the same group of parents. However, this is a static list on each browser/platform, which will have to be updated by the scout any time they add or remove a scout in the patrol, or if they switch browsers or platforms (e.g. if you originally create the list on your home PC, you need to recreate it on your phone).

ETA: This is a snapshot from my son’s login, rather than mine.

@edavignon mentioned the workaround above to Message a patrol. Have Scout go to their profile then, Advancement tab, then select patrol from the breadcrumb at the top. it should say troop xxx Patrol yyy. Then they can go to message on the bottom.

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