Scout Rank Details are missing

This scout is missing all his rank and leadership details and is inactive. He’s paid his dues and was on the charter. How do we fix this? He also had a duplicate profile last year.


@JenniferBowman it looks like the unit used the wrong account in SB - I can merge the users BUT Requirements do not merge - run the Scout history report on the scout you see (then you will have requirements like first class 7a-c) - then comment here and we will merge to the user that has the most requirements and you can back fill issues

OK I saved the report as a PDF.

@JenniferBowman ok that is fixed

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Thank you. We will handle it from there.:slight_smile:

I think it is just those 3 first class ones - some camping logs might be doubled

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After recent update, and our charter renew, Scout’s record has disappeared. He is showing on our roster, but all advancements, leadership positions, etc, are no longer present.

BSA ID 13120182

This Scout also has a muliple membership in a Venturing crew.

Please correct, if possible.


@ScouterRob the problem is he is in 2 councils now so has 2 BSA #s - I would advise contacting Council to make a slight name change and to have them send in National Ticket to fix SB Accouts

Thanks @DonovanMcNeil ,

It’s a little more wonky than that… Scout is registered with Crew in the other council, and that membership expires on 31 Jan.

If we just wait a week and let that membership expire, do you think the system will update correctly and show all data here in this council?

Scouter Rob

@ScouterRob so the scout will no longer be in the Crew? We can fix it easy then

Correct, he will no longer be in that Crew. That registration was to get a slot for Jamboree.

@ScouterRob ok it is all cleaned up

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Confirmed! Record is restored.

Thanks @DonovanMcNeil !!

@ScouterRob I would keep an eye on his member number in his profile. Make sure it doesn’t change on Feb 2 and then again 60 days after that.

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