Youth Protection Training retake

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Running into problems with trying to retake youth protection. I got the following screen when I try to retake YPT.

Here is what i see when I start the Training

I am using Google on a Windows 11 machine
I cannot run the Training no start button.
member id is 4409995 and the Council is Crossroads of the West.

@RussellSchow Try checking your browser’s pop-up blockers.

And the zoom percentage on the browser

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Turned off the pop-up blockers and still not working
where do you look at zoom percentage?

Command + Zero - takes Zoom to 100% I think

@RussellSchow - the three dots to the right of your avatar, click on that and you will see zoom half way down the list

Saw the zoom set to 100% still can not run the training vedio’s

any other ideas?

Do you have any other browser plugins running? You might try a private browsing/incognito mode with all of the plugins turned off to see if it’s one of those causing headaches. I’ve had my antivirus/anti-malware cause issues before, for example.