Re-took Youth Protection Training, But Certificate Not Updated

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My YPT had expired, so I re-took the course by clicking the link on the “My Youth Protection Training” page on April 19,2022. The certificate is still the old one, and the page says the training expired, however, if I click on “Completions” on that same page, it takes me to a page that shows I completed both the sexual abuse section and the bullying section, and passed the YPT test. I can download and print copies of all, but my Committee Chair is telling me she needs to fix the issue because council also shows I’m expired.

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I think there are 4 sections, no? Each section has a completion”certificate”, so it may seem that you have one but it really is just 1/4 of a whole.

@ShaunaWilliams - you must complete all four sections then the test. You are half done

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@ShaunaWilliams There are 4 modules, and you have to re-take all 4 every time in order to get credit.

The one you are missing is:

  • SCO_3008 Overview and Policies
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Just for a bit of clarity… you have to take all 4 each expiration time. If you just did 3 of the 4, you mostly likely only need to take the one, not all 4 again.


Thank you all. If I may make a suggestion? I completed the modules in the order they popped up on my screen, so when the test was the third thing, I thought I was done. It would make more sense to have the Overview and Policies show up before the test does.