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Youth to Adult on my.scouting

I have an 18 year old who was registered as youth and now wants to register as an adult. When he clicks on the application link I send him, it keeps applying him as a youth again. What instructions can I give him to let him apply as an adult? I called my council but they just told me to have him fill out a paper application.


As far as I know, your council is correct. He needs to complete a paper adult application.

@BonnieMartin - I know in my council PA based, no adult can apply online.

@Stephen_Hornak thats too bad. Having adults apply online has made things much easier for us- especially in pandemic.

It is also key for BSA and councils to survive their staffing shortages.

I doubt the PA legislature will repeal the Sandusky Law anytime soon.


We would have to move to a more “official” electronic signature with proper backend engines. It can be online, but it needs to be “a registered digital signature” if I understand correctly.

@Matt.Johnson- here is what needs to be done in PA:

Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Background Check

All volunteers needing clearances under the law shall be required to obtain a criminal background check run by the Pennsylvania State Police. (No need to register, just click on the yellow box.)

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Child Abuse Clearance

All volunteers needing clearances under the law shall be required to obtain a child abuse clearance from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. (You will need to register for an account on the site.)

Federal Bureau of Investigation Fingerprint-Based Background Check

Volunteers needing clearances under the law that have lived in the state of Pennsylvania for less than ten consecutive years (including the current year) must obtain a fingerprint-based FBI Background Check. This background check carries a $27.50 fee, but must only be obtained once provided you continue to live in the state of Pennsylvania. You must register and pay before you visit the fingerprinting site (note that some may require that you call ahead to register for an appointment).

  • Visit https://www.identogo.com/locations/pennsylvania
  • Click on “Digital Fingerprinting .” On the next screen, enter the Service Code, which is: 1KG6ZJ .
  • Click on Schedule or Manage Appointment .
  • Click on Locate an Enrollment Center first to find the location to complete your fingerprints check that is closest to you , then go back to the Schedule an Appointment option . The company is continuing to add new fingerprinting locations.
  • Follow the prompts for completing the required information and printing the registration form to take to the fingerprinting location .

Volunteers that have lived in the state of Pennsylvania for the last ten consecutive years are exempt from this check but must complete an affidavit affirming as such.

Clearances ARE required for:

Direct contact leaders
    Including, but not limited to, Scoutmasters, assistant Scoutmasters, Cubmasters, assistant Cubmasters, Den Leaders, assistant Den Leaders, Venturing Crew Advisors, assistant Crew Advisors, Sea Scout Skippers and Mates
Merit Badge Counselors
Drivers to camps and events when it is an organized carpool
Parents that supervise more than their child at Popcorn Show and Sell or storefront sales
Ockanickon Scout Reservation Campmasters
Parents volunteering at events that may be acting in loco parentis and have direct contact with youth
    Example: Committee members volunteering as adult leaders on camping trips, Chartered Organization Representatives volunteering at a unit fundraiser, etc.
Non-registered parents who act as direct contact leaders
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Wow. That helps put it in perspective.

It doesn’t say you can’t register with the organization before doing what must be required for the state, or does it on the one of 10+ systems? I’m not saying you are ready to lead, but you would have that part complete online.

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Those requirements must be submitted with the application and during recharter.

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Steve - Thanks for the info. It peaked my interest since it such a big effort.

I did some more PA research. It is interesting. It is clear that the councils in PA have chosen a particular path, but it isn’t necessarily the only one as spelled out by the keep kids safe pa website.

PA only requires an update every 60 months. So, requiring it each year at recharter is a choice on how to manage continually compliance. They could choose to require it at YPT time and revoke it if not done just like revoking active membership with YPT.

Also, many have said that online application isn’t allowed by law in PA. That seems to not be true. The current BSA application process could be used just as easily as the paper process. When applying online there is a check (and hold) until the COR approves the application. There is also a check (and hold) until the council approves the application.

The council could choose to hold the electronic application at the council check spot until the PA paperwork is received.

So, it isn’t that the online application process doesn’t comply with PA law, it is the the way the PA councils have chosen to comply with PA law doesn’t include the online application process. A big difference.

@Matt.Johnson - certainly the councils could have placed blocks in the fast track of online adult registration but they chose a different route and I think they all followed the same path. But it does put recharter and applications on a slower route.

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I also believe Stephen’s council requires YPT to be valid through the entire charter period which in essence forces all leaders there to take YPT annually.

Just strange that we can have a new adult register to our troop online (with accompanying documentation of YPT) but we can’t let an 18 year old scout submit an adult application online. Its like they are stuck in youth status until they submit a paper form. Oh well, maybe in the future.