YPT 60 day deadline not working

Why did the system issue a Y01 certificate 3 days after YPT was completed with a 142 day spread between module start and end?

Two questions here

  1. Why was there a 3 day delay, instead of same day?
  2. Why did the system issue a certificate at all? Is there a 60 day timer or not?

I have an instance where a scouter, MID 13783620, took two modules on 3/31, two modules on 8/20, and received Y01 on 8/23. This is a 142 day spread between modules, then a 3 day delay in issuing their training certificate.

This is way outside the parameters detailed by @TimothyRogers on July 12. There the problem had a 76 day spread.


Is it possible that someone entered the Y01 training manually?

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Yeah I think council or unit entered it - the system would not have waited 3 days to give the Y01

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Thank you for the replies. I did not consider the idea of manual entry.

Upon further investigation, yes, Y01 is a choice for volunteers in the drop down for adding training to someone else.

Now, I am puzzled.

I can imagine scenarios when a registrar would need the ability to add this training.

Other than assisting their registrar, when would a volunteer need to add this training to someone?

  1. Overriding the 60 day limit, which isn’t documented.
  2. After teaching an in-person class. However, after searching, I find nothing authorizing an in-person class.

Am I missing something, or is this a glitch in the system?

Volunteer adds it not knowing the 60 day window but a unit member shows all the completed stuff so they think the system is broken

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@DougWright - it could have been any one of the key3 or their delegates that added that after the scouter said i did the training but never got the certificate. The cert when done properly is 24 hours after completion

  1. If someone in the Council added Y01 manually it must be backed up with training documentation as it should only be used for classroom following the Guide to Training Administration. Lack of documentation could be a problem for the Council.

  2. Why it calculated in such a strange way I do not know - this is something I will have to have the my.scouting team look into as the calculations are done in my.scouting - not the LMS.

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Regarding #1, it would seem that the picture below would be evidence of completion. However, the issue probably never makes it out of the unit, as the Key 3 can manually add the Y01 certificate. The professionals never see the issue.

There is a complication with the 60 day limit on one BSA system and the training plans on a different one. If a person doesn’t know about the time limit and completes all the modules, they show as finished, with no idea why their Y01 certificate never shows up. Then, if they go back to retake one module, because it is outside the 60 day window, the whole learning plan resets. They complete the module, but the learning plan would still show 3 modules to do. And their Y01 is supposed to show up, because they did the 4 modules within the 60 day window.


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The screen shot of the learning plan only indicates that the modules in the learning plan have been completed. Calculations/timing are based on the 4 individual course completions within the learning plan. The reset is the only way IT was able to ensure YPT course completions would feed into my.scouting for doing calculations.

There is a video on My Scouting pages that describes how to take YPT.

Link doesn’t work. @TimothyRogers