YPT training course complete but certificate not updating

SB User ID: 10397721
BSA Member ID: 13450731

I re-completed my YPT training this morning (as I was told I needed to be valid through 2025 for our charter). I went through all 4 sections and all say complete. Unfortunately my certificate still says my original completion date 12/13/2022 & expiration date 12/13/2024. All courses show completed 10/24/2023.

I’ve logged in & out but nothing is updating that certificate (which I need).

Do I need to wait a certain time or is there something else I should be doing to complete the certificate?

Thanks for your attention

@JoannePassannante - If I recall correctly it should update overnight to show the completion and the recharter system will note it being done if they refresh the roster

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Y01 (YPT) is marked complete for you as of 10/24/23. It takes some time for the system to e-mail you a YPT certificate. If you don’t have it by tomorrow, let us know.

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