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YPT and Trained Leader reports not available

Starting in Scoutbook, loged in, and on troop page, clicking menu choice “Troop Reports” and then either of “YPT Status Report” or “Trained Leader Status” eventually yields a 404 error page with a URL similar to this: https://my.scouting.org/mystrpt/webreport/output/?method=loadreportpage&reportcode=YPTStatusReport&OrganizationGUID=6FBADA8E-8357-4B05-83FD-B4B17172FFD0&SessionGUID=2827e2e5-f82e-4f77-89d2-97c6e4756120&ToolName=Training%20Manager&IsStaff=0&ParentOnlyFlag=1

Thus neither of the stock training reports are available.

I’ve noticed this every time I’ve intermittently tried for the reports over the past 2 weeks.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a Scoutbook problem? I am able to successfully access other reports I’ve tried on the “Troop Reports” menu.

@Mr.Daniel There is an issue with those reports at my.scouting.org. We have reported it.

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