YPT Certificate not received

One of my leaders retook YPT and it’s still showing not complete after several days. Can someone look to see if it’s hung up somewhere? BSA ID 137296957.

@CarolynWyand - did they take all of the modules and within 60 days ? I suspect that is a no.

@Stephen_Hornak Yes. Council said that she had taken the bullying module last year for some reason so she just retook that and it still is saying not complete. At one point she had multiple ids that were merged because she transferred from another council a couple years ago. Could that be causing an issue?

@CarolynWyand - they need to take ALL FOUR modules to be considered complete

She has. She took all of them in Oct but council said she bullying was registering last year for some reason so she retook that and still not cleared.

@CarolynWyand - you could post a screenshot of the 4 modules with their dates.


According to the database, she has not renewed SCO_3010 Bullying. She needs to take this by December 16, 2023 for YPT to complete.

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Did she used to live in the Washington DC area? I found another potential my.scouting.org ID for her. We can merge these. Currently she needs to use the Google Login button, not just her e-mail address to log in.

Note this duplicate ID does not appear to have affected her YPT training.