Did not get YPT certificate

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I have a parent that took YPT and it is not showing in her my.scouting account and she did not get the certificate. Member ID 13315888. They came from another council so i wonder if she had 2 accounts somehow??

@KatherineBynum - did they take the mandatory course ?

They logged into training for one minute 2 weeks ago under that BSA #. I looked around for doubles but see none. We would need more information

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This is the screen shot of her test completion she sent. It was done 10/4. Could she have taken it without logging into an account? I asked which one she took.

@KatherineBynum - did she take the mandatory modules? Does not seem that way from that grab,

Did she retake all of the modules in the mandatory Youth Protection Training lesson plan?

You don’t get credit if you just retake the test module.

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@KatherineBynum there is not much help talking 3rd person on this - the user can get on and comment and we can start a private message to try to help to figure this out.

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I just had this happen to me. I watched all three lessons and passed the exam last night. I saw a note that it could take 24 hours to generate the certificate, so I waited. Tonight, my progress had completely disappeared, as if I had not done any of the training, and still no certificate.

I did everything again tonight, and still no certificate. I’ll wait another day to see what happens. This time I took some screenshots.

Interestingly, I also have two accounts, as one was from North Florida Council from years ago. I was definitely logged in to this account, though.

edit: this is on vanilla up-to-date firefox (no addons), on Windows 11.

edit2: this time it went through. There may have been something wrong with the system last night?

@AndrewMcCaddin You have 2 different user names at my.scouting.

I’ll call one of them X, and the other is X with a number.

Which one do you want to keep? We can request that the other one be retired.