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YPT Current - Meaning and Implications

When there is a green check mark for YPT, the user guide on page 4 states that means “Youth Protection Training is current”.

Does “current” mean that Youth Protection Training (YPT) for that adult member:

  1. Was not expired the last time the roster was refreshed in Internet Recharter
  2. Is not expired when the roster is displayed on screen in Internet Recharter
  3. Will not be expired when the current charter expires
  4. Will not expire during the Lapsed period (two months after charter expiration date)
  5. Other

Is it possible that YPT could be marked as current when the charter roster is submitted, but be expired by the time the local council is reviewing it and confirming that there are no defects (such as expired YPT) so that it can be posted?

It is based on the current charter expiry date. In this case, I believe that’s your #3.