YPT expire date is incomprehensible, which makes me sad

at My Scouting, the date for one own’s YPT expiration is incomprehensible. For me, it says YPT Status: Expires 1-30d.


For that field, please provide information that is understandable to mere mortals.


That means your YPT expires in the next month - in the next 1-30 days.

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Said another way: Your YPT expires within 30 days.

May 14 is in about 16 days.

0-30d is arcane and unintelligible to peasants like me. Can I just get the number of days?

It’s possible a DateTime object is being used, or if not, can easily be used. If so, the DateTime.Subtract() method returns a DateDiff, which has a Days property that will give you this exact number.


You would need to get your Council to open a ticket with National to make such a change.

@ArenCambre - you would see that aging range used in accounts receivables and accounts payable. It is not arcane.

I suspect it’s related to the color-coding scheme that they’re using in the header.

  • Green - Far-future expiration
  • Yellow - Expires in 30-60 days (I think. I can’t find one that looks like this for someone in my unit I can ask to check).
  • Orange - Expires in under 30 days
  • Red - Expired

The range provided explains the color coding, rather than giving a specific number of days until the expiration. I can see arguments either way from an interface perspective, but since it simultaneously displays the expiration date, I’m not sure why it would be a significant issue.


I suspect this is a result of it being a value stored in a fixed-length field, for example, to be displayed in a spreadsheet.

In reference to reporting via the council, it would be nice to have the Jira technical report input format available to non-professionals so that the information needed by BSA® IT department can be provided.

There are different report forms in the Jira system. Submitting a customer care report does work well for technical issues.