YPT report shows Y01 expiration before completed date

In my.scouting.org, when I go to YPT Reports for my unit (from the dropdown menu), I see an adult who shows 05/14/2019 for the Y01 Completed column but 09/30/2018 for the Y01 Expires column.

If Y01 certification last two years, shouldn’t this person’s Y01 expiration be 05/14/2021? I don’t understand how a Y01 expiration date can be before completion.

What is this person’s BSA member number?

It is 133827056.


When I look in Akela, the BSA Person Database, I see this individual has completed Y01 on 4/5/2019 with an expiration of 4/5/2021. This corresponds with the dates when the individual modules, SCO_3008, SCO_3009, SCO_3010 and SCO_3011.

I also see a 5/19/2019 date for Y01 but as you say, this has a 2018 expiration. I have no idea where this came from.

In any event, this adult’s YPT is expired and needs to be retaken.