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YPT in an old my.scouting

I have my ypt done in a my.scouting account i had to set up a few years ago for cubs summercamp. Now that my boys are in a boyscout troop I have a different account linked to them. Then I joined the committee and the chair connected to my old my.scouting. but I want it all just connected to my new (2 years) scoutbook account. Is there a tech support to move it over and just delete that old one?? I see this single sign on but when I was going to try it warns it could corrupt the data. Um okay…how do I not do that…Help! I just re-did my ypt in Oct. otherwise I’d just redo it again.

So, if I’m understanding correctly, you have two BSA IDs, two accounts in Scoutbook, and two accounts at my.scouting? I assume that one BSA ID/Scoutbook/my.scouting account is linked to one email address, while the other set is linked to another email address?

When I had two BSA IDs, I had to add the “extra” one to my account at my.scouting using Manage Member ID under the left side drop-down menu. However, I didn’t have two my.scouting accounts (the BSA ID actually was from my youth membership), so I’m not sure exactly what would happen if you tried adding the “old” BSA ID as a secondary to the “new” one.

In your shoes, I would probably call/email the council registrar to try to work out how best to get them merged. There may be more to it than you can resolve just by adding the old BSA ID as a “secondary” on the desired account.

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Your council registrar can merge the account in a matter of minutes. I have had ours do this for adults in my units several times, and it has taken literally 2 minutes to complete.

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This depends on their backlog and triage of other issues. It is also almost recharter time. It took our registrar a few weeks since there is just too much work for one person to do.

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Log in to my.scouting.Org, click Menu then Manage Member ID. If both of your IDs are not listed, add the missing one. Make the ID with your registration primary.

It would be wonderful if linking accounts was a feature that you could do on your own.

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