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Hi, I have two accounts under the same email in Scoutbook. How do I make them one account or get rid of one of the accounts. I am the Cub Master and need to be connected to all those scouts and I also need to be connected to my son who is in Boy Scouts. Any help would be appreciated.

@RoxannRowley I am checking

@RoxannRowley I have merged your Scoutbook accounts.

Please contact your local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up your child (or children). In the “Relationships” tab / section, you should be listed as parent only under your primary BSA member ID number, the one ending in -207. They should remove you if listed as parent under any other BSA numbers. Otherwise, it is likely that you will get another Scoutbook account (userID) when your child Recharters / renews.

Hello I recently moved to another state. I now have two members IDs. I am a registered merit badge councselor in one council and a Cubmaster in the second council. I keep getting notice of my YPT expiring from National and realized that the renewal I did was logged under the new council.
Previous council : Member ID 134705918
Mid-America Council 326 (YPT expires 04/04/24)
Current council: Member ID 140466405
Quivira Council, BSA 198
(Just renewed YPT on 03/05/24)
I still want to serve as merit Badge counselor in Mid-America.
Can this be updated?

@ReganRodriguez1 Its not going to be perfect, since the systems weren’t really designed with registering in multiple councils in mind. But have you tried the manage member ID tool in my.scouting? Sometimes making the one without the training primary for a day or so can cause the training to sync over.

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It would be easier if you moved your MBC registration to the new council. Since per the Guide to Advancement, an MBC registered in any council can work with any Scout, you can change your registration and still work with Scouts in your old council.


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