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YPT Tracking for Adult non-leaders in my.scouting (Parents)

Why can’t we institute a category to enter parents who complete courses such as YPT and other safety-related topics in the my.scouting training database? I would recommend a designation of “Scout Parent”, because currently I can only view registered Adult Leaders, and the “Training Validation” once nested under Legacy Web Tools, now “BSA Web Links” is next to useless. Example, I can search for one of our parents, who is also the local Council Scout Executive, and I can only get a result using his BSA ID #. If all I have is a name, it is very hard to get results at all, let alone any that are useful. So, why can’t we get parents to register as “Scout Parents” which will let us see their training, especially when looking at the 72+ hour trips/summer camp or just to ensure they do training in order to attend any Scout function. This would make this tracking much simpler to accomplish. This also would address linking them to the Troop, and not just be in there as an arbitrary entry


There’s also merit to tracking and reporting non-YPT training as well. Many councils are requiring adults to complete training programs for their leadership position prior to registering (i.e. not just complete YPT to register). Since the reports at my.scouting Training Manager currently only reflect adults registered in a particular position, but you can’t register until you’ve completed the Position Trained requirements, it requires going through the Legacy Tools to extract that information. If a unit could somehow track Leaders-in-Training in the reports, that would be a huge improvement, and facilitate the goal/requirement of getting adult leaders position-trained earlier in their careers.

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That ties directly into tracking parents affiliated within the Troop, and aspiring to ascend into leadership through the application process. Well said sir.

The Feature Assistant Extension does provide a report for YPT status for all adults associated with the unit, which will show both registered leaders and parents that have completed YPT.


That’s a good point that addresses the YPT angle, although it would be better to have a native functionality for this, since the FAE requires scraping the data from the Legacy Tools training lookup, if I recall correctly what @GaryFeutz has written before.

In theory, I think that the FAE could be extended to grab more than just the YPT information. In practice, however, it’s not clear how practical that would be for anything more than a single individual. The FAE report is already fairly slow for larger units because it has to scrape the data. I can imagine network issues occurring if it were trying to scrape all training for all adults.

I do like the idea of an FAE enhancement to allow training scrape for any adult (individually) in the unit enough to ask Gary to put it on “the list” and see if he he thinks it’s possible.


We don’t use Scoutbook, and I don’t have access to those features… I only have links that force me to my.scouting

While I agree that long-term a better solution would be to have native reporting, it’s unlikely that this will be modified in near-term, given how long it takes for various other things already in the queue to get completed. It might be worth a little time investment to check (and update if needed) your roster in Scoutbook to make sure it correctly reflects the relevant adults, and install the Feature Assistant Extension. That way, at the very least you have a pathway to identify the overall YPT status for the adults (unfortunately not the detail of which modules have been completed for a partial YPT completion AFAIK) while the requested feature is in development.

The extension and a brief description are available here:

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@CraigMook Click on your Dashboard then Administration. You have Scoutbook access…


I will have to check that out on a computer I don’t use very often. The computer I typically use is a work computer, and I am unable to install extensions becasue of the managed access. However, my Troop uses Troopmaster for the bulk of our tracking, not Scoutbook, and that decision was made by leadership above me.

Actually, it looks like we’re partially there in a native Scoutbook report. In Roster Builder, you can turn on a flag marked “Show Training”:

It appears to report what training has been taken, but I can’t see a way to get it to report the expiration of that training. For example, here’s an excerpt from one person’s output in the Roster Builder Report:

At least some of it is expired, given that there are two reports for First Aid and three for CPR/AED (which is confusing since those are always taught together in our council).