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YPT training and videos

I’m going through the training right now and for the videos, there’s no way to slow it down, speed it up, or make it go back to a specific point in time. Right now it’s inaccessible. Will there be an implementation in the future to make the training more accessible and follow WCAG?


Please include the meaning a acronym or abbreviation the first time you used it.
For example: “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

You can use the TOC (Table of Contents) button to go back to a specific point in time. There is also closed captioning (CC) button.

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@mov - I actually use the CC option as I am hearing impaired. The TOC is also a good resource. This is really not the best place to address your concerns. It would be the training group you would need to reach out to.

Thanks. I wasn’t sure where to put it as I couldn’t find anything training related for categories of topics.

I do use the CC and ToC, however, for videos I have a particularly hard time navigating as there’s no option for playback speed or optipm to go to a specific time stamp/place of a video.

ToC only allows you to go back to the beginning of a section (not middle) and this does no work work videos.

@mov - here is where you can start with your concerns:

YPT Training site is down. How do we report this problem?

I have tried two different computers. Both show:

504 Gateway Time-out

Gateway timeout means the system is down. Just wait until tomorrow and try again.