YPT Training Certificate is under child's name

Hi, I have a Cub Scout parent that took YPT to fulfill requirement to spend overnight with Bear Scout. Her ID is 14348290. She showed me the screenshot of her my.scouting.org dashboard where she accessed YPT. After she completed, the certificate she got is showing her Scouts BSA daughter’s name and member ID (14809881). How can this be fixed? Our Pack overnighter is on 11/18. Thanks.

The parent had Sign in with Google turned on - but they made an account for scout and signed in with that for YPT - you will need to talk to council


Or just have the parent take YPT again using the correct account

That might be what it comes to anyway.

Okay. I will just have her daughter take YPT under her name. She is 14 already anyway. Thank you!