Need help with YPT training record on incorrect account

Hi I have a parent that I instructed to take YPT before applying online. They completed YPT but apparently setup the account in the cub’s name. She has since made a new account but was unable to merge the memberID. Can you please take her first account records and merge them into the new one? I’ll then instruct her to complete her adult leader application online so we dont have to wait for the roundup paper app backlog.

first memberID 137135305 with YPT completed
New member ID 137145306 that she will apply for leadership under

@JeffreyFrederick2 pretty sure these numbers are not correct - as they are in different states

sorry about that! new id is 137135306.

There is not a great way for us to solve this - I think you just need to talk to council and they can correct it by just adding the training

my understanding is she has to have YPT completed before being able to apply online. is that correct?

I will see If I can manage the Member ID which would merge the training

I put the 2 MIDs into Manage Member ID so training should merge - we will see

We will see if it merges training over night @JeffreyFrederick2 - please remind me Monday to check as I need to fix her MID back

@JeffreyFrederick2 ok that training merged - so she is good

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