YPT Training completed but no new certificate

One of my leaders (BSA ID: 135676251) has not received his YPT certificate yet. He retook all 4 modules (including the test) on 11/29/23. He sent me a screenshot showing last completion: 11/29/2023 and Progress: 100%. And you can see it says “This is the correct Learning Plan for fulfilling your YPT Training (Y01)”
So far (as of 12/5/23) he has not received an emailed certificate and the main summary training page has not updated with the new expiration date. Can someone please help?

@LeilaniAllen well they did not do all the training - they only took the test - if needed through 6/1/24 or something they need to finish the other 3 modules

Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 5.49.04 PM

@TimothyRogers note this error as well please


Thank you! I’ll let him know that it is not complete in order to get a new certificate with new expiration date. Kind of confusing based on the screen shot, but I understand that it’s because the other modules haven’t expired. In order to get a new certificate with new expiration date, all 4 of the modules need to be redone, which he had told me he did but maybe was misunderstanding what I meant. Thank you, again.