YPT two accounts

5272144 (removed by Moderator) and 13606157 (removed by Moderator) are the same person. He is up to date on the 144 account but the 157 account is the one I’m renewing. Please help! Thank you in advance. You guys are always so helpful and patient.


I’ll look into this


He has 3 my.scouting.org IDs. We need to merge these into a single ID. One is (first name)(middle initial)(last name), one his e-mail addres and the other (first name)(middle initial)(last name)1 Which does he want to retain? After merging the accounts, I can get all of his training to his 144 ID which is his registered ID.

We need to maintain the registered ID.

We will put the registered member number on whichever username they want to retain.

Can you see which one is attached to this scout 136984951


Usernames are not attached to Scouts, Member IDs are. We can put any Member ID on any username. We need to know which username the member wants to keep then we will make everything work properly.

He doesn’t care if all of the information(training,etc) is consolidated.

@DianaSmith I sent you a private message.