Zero Fee Applications stuck pending payment

I know this happened last year, but I was hoping it wouldn’t be an issue this year given the new rechartering system and the extensive discussion last year about the need to communicate better about this specific situation.

I’m a merit badge dean and the online applications for new MBCs are now getting hung up “Pending Payment” despite MBC being a zero-fee position in our Council.

Anyone know what this year’s solution is to kick these applications through the last step of the process?

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I think this calls for the registrar to enter a ticket to national support.

I have never heard that free online apps worked

I have not as well. It would be great to hear of MBC success stories.

I’ve done several–maybe a dozen?–over the summer. Its just frustrating because the online apps are so hit-or-miss, troops get frustrated and insist on doing the paper apps and it takes months to get them to try online again. . . then something like this comes up. Sorry for venting. I’ll call the Council when they open on Tuesday and see if they can help.

Our troop and pack have had very good success. What I was wondering about was for MBCs.

My district committee app for a multiple failed as well, for example.

Those ~12 were all MBCs. With apps associated with our Troop, I don’t think we’re batting .500.

Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) is a district scouter, the MBC application has two parts, the adult application form and the MBC information form. A MBC is not a unit position. It is on the information form where the MBC indicates where the MBC is willing to serve. Some councils are now requiring that a MBC be available beyond the unit.

Bill is correct. MBC is a District position and must be approved by the district or council (depending on who is authorized to approve the Counselor Information Form). It can’t (or shouldn’t) be processed and approved at the unit level. The process varies based on the organization of the council and districts. In our case the application goes to a district MBC person (often called a Dean of MBs) who authorizes the particular badges being applied for.

This issue happened recently for my district. Registrar nudged it and it approved.