Parent account with wrong email

Hi! I have this (and maybe others) that cannot be connected to her daughter because the account that is already connected has a wrong email that cannot be changed:

Account connected with wrong email:

Another account with the correct email
BSA #137440329

How do we prevent this from happening?


The parent’s Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

Thanks. I can see that. How do we prwvent this from happening?

The parent is also telling that she cannot see her Youth Protection Training now.

@RICARDOMENDEZ I see her YPT under both BSA member numbers. Sometimes it can take some time for the training to merge after using Manage Member ID.

To prevent duplicate Scoutbook accounts from being created, you need to make sure that everyone always uses their legal names when creating a Scoutbook account and that they register with their legal names. We see many cases where for example, James has one Scoutbook account with Jim listed as the first name. The system cannot determine these are the same people and thus a duplicate account is created.

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