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How do I update a parent email?

The email for this parent was loaded with 1 incorrect letter. I go to update it with the letter change and I receive the warning that the email already exists in another account, but there is no other account. Now what?

You may not be able to see the account but Scoutbook does. You should be able to connect the parent to the Scout by searching for the e-mail address on the connection screen.

Tried that. There is only the single incorrect email… Her email is correct at the Member Manager in My.Scouting. (I’m also an Asst. Council Commissioner).

Just to clarify, when you went to add the parent connection in Scoutbook, did you:

Search For Existing User using the parent’s correct e-mail address?

Or did you search by the name of the parent?

Problem solved. I searched by name and found the correct spelling.

Thank you for your help.

Hope it’s okay to piggy back here. I have the exact same problem with a couple of parents. However, when I search their email address or name I don’t see their account. Thoughts?


Is the parent already connected to the Scout? Go to the Scout’s page then click on Scout’s Connections. In some cases the search will not return a result if the Scout and adult are already connected.

Yes, just with an incorrect work email address. I tried to change it, but I got the “account already exists” message.

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