1 Leader and 1 Adult don't add up to 2 adults for invites

Testing Scoutbook for my son’s troop. I’m a Committee Member (not Assistant Scoutmaster and not a parent of a scout in the test patrol) and I have several test scouts, 2 of whom have a test parent. Inviting just myself and a test parent brought up the message. Inviting myself and both test parents worked successfully.

I’d expect that you could have two Leaders, two Adults, or a combination but that didn’t seem to work in this case. I didn’t test by uninviting myself or adding a Test Leader.

@JamesDeibele - I just added an event for my pack with all scouts, then selected two parents and it saved successfully. I then changed the adults to two leaders and it save successfully. Not able to repro your issue and I have no test scouts or test adults.

Thank you for trying that. I tried with one real leader and one parent and it worked. That’s where I had thought the issue might be.

I’m not sure why it didn’t work in the other situation. Since that was all test people except for me it might have something to do with their status. It really doesn’t matter since that’s a hypothetical situation.

Thanks again.

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