18 year old recharter question


Our troop has a scout who is turning 18 at the end of this calendar year. He expects to be ready to sit for his Eagle BoR but his BoR will likely happen (based on district scheduling) after the first of the year and after his 18th birthday. I know from an advancement perspective that he can have a BoR after turning 18 as long as all other requirements and paperwork are complete. The question is how does the troop handle him for our recharter since he will no longer be a “youth” but will need to remain active in the troop for his rank to process.

Any clarification is greatly appreciated.

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I would recommend that you contact your local council Registrar and find out what he or she recommends.

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Unit Participant. It’s an adult position but for such situations. He’ll have to do YPT, CBC, adult application, but Unit Participant still allows the Eagle to be recorded after Board of Review.

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I do not think the Scout can be registered as a Unit Participant unless he has an approved time extension. Plus, a Unit Participant would pay at the higher youth rate. I still recommend that you talk to your local council Registrar and Eagle processor.

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An 18 year old Scout who only has the Eagle Board of Review remaining is not required to be registered but still check with your Council on how they want the situation handled.


Hello all: Per the Guide to Advancement, the Scout does not need to be registered at the time of the board of review. The Scout only needs to have all requirements completed by age 18 as previously noted. If you have further questions, I suggest reaching out to your District Advancement Chair as they can help.



Adam has already answered your question, but I’d like to add that you can register him as Unit Scouter Reserve or Unit College Scouter Reserve. This is a great way to maintain registration without a training requirement (beyond YPT), unlike ASM or committee.

Unit College Scouter Reserve (92U) and Assistant Scoutmaster (SA) are for ages 18+. Unit Scouter Reserve (91U) and other adult leader positions at the troop level are for ages 21+.

Please contact your local council for guidance.

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