Unit Registration Process for Youth Turning 18 Years of Age

Recently we have been experiencing a lot of questions regarding the unit registration process for youth turning 18 years of age. Here is the recommended process:

Unit Registration Process for Youth Turning 18 Years of Age

Situation A – Changing a youth registration to an adult leader registration in a Troop

· Complete an adult leader application

· Complete a CBC disclosure form (part of adult application)

· Complete Youth Protection Training

· Submit to unit leadership for processing, including fees

Situation B – Turning 18 years old in Crew, Ship or Post

· Follow each step for situation A

· Designate on adult application as “youth participant” (code VP-Crew & Ship, EP-Post)

Fee details when registered in both Troop and Crew, Ship or Post

· For Crew or Ship & Troop, pay in Crew or Ship, designate “multiple” in Troop

o No additional fee for “multiple” registration

· For Post & Troop, must pay in both units

This is good, but we have heard about some of the timing with respect to recharter.

Scout turns 18…

  1. After recharter turned in, but before charter expires
  2. After recharter turned in, after charter expires, but before charter is processed
  3. What to do on charter when they will turn 18 some in the next year?