2 accounts on sane email

I think there are two accounts with my email, and it’s causing a problem with using Scoutbook. How can I fix this?

(If you are reporting an issue with My.Scouting, please include all of the following items so we can better assist you:
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2) Operating system
3) Browser
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Thank you!)

@MegGustafson there is only one SB user with megangustafson@ - why do you think there is an issue?

When I log in with my actual email, the email on my account in Scoutbook is

Changemyemail@scoutbook.com and it does not allow me to change it. I’m not linked to my kids, and it won’t let me link to them. I’m not able to access info to the troop.
I’m going to be the advancement chair, but I need my account to be accessible before I do that.

@MegGustafson This should be fixed.

Thanks, my email is changed and I’m connected to one of my boys. Could I get connected to the other?

@MegGustafson You will need to ask a Troop Admin to add you using the Connections Manager (available on the Troop Roster page in Scoutbook).

After a Troop Admin adds you as a connection, they can go to the Scout’s Connections page in Scoutbook, click on your name, and update your connection to “Parent/Guardian”.