Error at Scoutbook login, email attached to 2 accounts

I’m and ASM for Troop 510 in Dyer, IN. I can’t grant access to my son in Scoutbook because my email is linked to 2 accounts (see attachment). Can someone correct this? I think this is from when I had to log on to and Scoutbook Account separately. Thanks, Joe

@JosephRobustelli that should be resolved

I’m also having the same issue. I’min pack 114 in fort Calhoun, NE. My name shows up under my son as having three accounts but I only have access to one. I’m listed as a committee member under one of the accounts I don’t have access to as well. Could you help with this?

@MikeSundermeier that is all fixed

Hello - Both my wife (Asst Den Leader - Renee Hood) and I (Den Leader) have duplicate accounts (4 in total) in Pack 2214 in MD. Please advise on path forward. Much appreciated!

@JeffreyHood1 that is fixed

Excellent! Thank you for the quick response.

I have the same problem and I cannot get my child connected to my account.

@HilaryBradford that is fixed - you need to use your user name not email to login

My email is also showing attached to another account.

@RobynMihalyi are you currently in TAC? 14332046

Yes I’m currently the Committee Chair for Troop 215 at RAF Mildenhall.

So what do I do now?

Robyn Mihalyi

@RobynMihalyi everything should be good for you now

Thank you so much, I will look at tonight.

I have a parent email linked to scout:

youth BSA ID 14491760

adult BSA ID 133329830
@DonovanMcNeil or @JenniferOlinger

Seems they intentionally did it @Stephen_Hornak - they even setup a MYST user for the scout using that email - you want us to clear in SB?

@DonovanMcNeil - if you could. The parent can not do anything in scoutbook apparently because of the linked email.

OK - some see the red banner and think SB does not function when it works fine

@DonovanMcNeil - understood. Will need to sit with this parent at some point.

This is my daughters BSA #, 14334908, it still says it cannot find her to connect our accts.