2 BSA numbers for a den leader

Good Morning,

One of my pack den leaders has 2 BSA numbers and is unable to get into Scoutbook for his current pack and den. When he logs in, it brings him to his old account/BSA number from National Capital Area Council instead of his new log-in with his current council (Greater Tampa Bay Area). Can you fix this for us, please?

We are:
Pack 632 of Greater Tampa Bay Area Council.

His OLD BSA# (from National Capital Area Council) is: 12698569
His NEW BSA# (from Greater Tampa Bay Area Council) is: 12997468

Please merge and keep Greater Tampa Bay Area Council BSA# if possible.

Thank you!

@CarrieLiddick please check those numbers and what type they are again

@DonovanMcNeil It says: “SB User ID”

@CarrieLiddick these users have no BSA number - can a Key 3 look at roster at my.scouting.org to see if a BSA number is listed

Luckily I am a Key 3!

The member ID for him in my.scouting is: 14645817

@CarrieLiddick ok if user is using email to log in they should be set up - if not we still have work to do

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@DonovanMcNeil I resent the invite to him in Scoutbook and got the autoreply that he connected, so I think we are good to go. Thank you very much for your super quick help! I really appreciate it.

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