2 Councils 2 BSA#s AND 2 User IDs 1 Scout/SeaScout

My Scout is in a Troop in one Council and is a Sea Scout in another Council. The BSA #s have already been merged in my.scouting.org. In Scoutbook, it shows up as 2 separate accounts with 2 separate user ID. How do I get this actually merged?

@JohnFehler BSA #'s cannot be merged - they are dependent to councils from what we are aware - what are the BSA #'s

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If your son is registered in 2 councils he will have 2 BSA Member IDs (MID). Each council has their own numbers and cannot see the numbers registered in other councils.

Scoutbook only supports a single MID per account. We can merge his Scoutbook accounts but then advancement in one of the programs will not be traceable via Scoutbook.

They each have a different user ID as well.

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