2 Den Leaders with 2 SB Accounts

Hello - I have 2 den leaders that have dual accounts thus causing them challenges in Scoutbook.
S.M. is one Den Leader and the 2 profiles are:
The 1st SB ID: 12878507, no BSA Member ID under this one.
The 2nd is SB ID: 12370944, BSA Member ID 1395410.
M.A. is another Den Leader, I only see 1 for her, but she says she’s not able to log-in and see anything in SB, her info is SB ID: 12591672, BSA Member ID 137432301.
Both had dual accounts before. It was fixed for months and then somehow reverted. I’ve had this happen to several parents/leaders that had dual accounts at some point. Thank you!

I forgot to mention that the leader with initials SM did get hers updated last week, but she’s still showing up 2x under our leader roster.

@ChasidyCavanna the first one is fixed - on the second on I think we will need more information in order to figure it out

Got it. Just checked and all set on S.M.'s! Thanks!
What do you need to know on M.A.'s? She told me she cannot see her scouts (her kids), send events, see her Den. To me all looks good, so I’m not sure what is wrong. Should I have her ping the forum directly so you can work with her? Thanks!

I see another BSA # but no Scoutbook - probably best to find out how she is logging in - but I bet there is a variation on the name

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