Parent appears to have multiple accounts, causing issue

To Whomever It May Concern:
I have a parent who has a BSA Member ID # when he logs on himself. I connected him to his son, which has a different BSA Member ID # both apparently are using the same email address.
His son, has a different BSA Member ID #, and his wife has a different one as well.

Thank you,
Steven Stuart

Please provide the bsa member numbers (no names).

Here you go

I believe the first one is correct. I have connected both to the scout now. However, my assumption is this should be resolved. The 1st one, is the one the parent connects with and is older. The question is how did the 2nd one get created.

Is there any update?

these SB Users are merged

I assume the “lower number” is the one being used?

In ScoutBook, I only see one now and it is the lower number.

Thank you,
Steven Stuart

I used the one they were logging into


I have the same problem can you merge 137158530 & 137176739 please?


This is fixed. The user needs to login to Scoutbook using his ID

I am having trouble signing into Scoutbook, both on a browser and through the mobile app. I used to be able to sign in to either and it showed my info and I was linked to my son. When I logged in yesterday (with my username and password) Scoutbook thinks I am my wife, meaning it shows her name, e-mail, etc. How do I get my own ID back?

@JoshMauritz This should be fixed for you now. Make sure you sign in to Scoutbook with your my.scouting username – not your e-mail.

You will also want to check your e-mail address at my.scouting and in Scoutbook.

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