2 Scouts Dropped from Scoutbook

I have spent the better part of the last year trying to get two of my scouts properly transferred to my Den in Scoutbook so I can log their advancement with no luck. In fact, the two scouts have now been completely dropped from Scoutbook. I am concerned their accounts and advancements from their previous pack have been lost. Can someone help?! The scouts in question are T. and C.:

  • 136061302
  • 136061308

I need to get them into Pack 684 and added to my Den (Den 7). Appreciate any help/advice as I have tried to get this issue resolved through my pack and local Council (National Capital Area) and they have suggested I try to get it resolved through the National office and this forum. Appreciate anyone who can help me get these boys into the system to track the recognition and advancement they deserve.

-David Heinz

@DavidHeinz the simple answer is they are not officially registered in your unit. They were last registered in Yucca - in 2020. They need to fill out an application. Include their BSA # so council knows they are not new scouts

@DonovanMcNeil Thank you for the quick response! My confusion with your response is that they were showing in Scoutbook all of last year as part of my Den. The issue I was facing was that they were showing in my Den, but there was an Adventure Synch error that prevented me from logging their advancements. Now they don’t show at all. We also sent their applications three separate times with their BSA#s to the council. Apologies I didn’t provide those details in the original post. With that all said, do you still believe it is a registration issue? If so, is that upon the parents to do through beascout.org or is that on the Council to work properly? I really appreciate the help!

@DavidHeinz they have never officially been in your unit - they need to register either through beascout or paper application

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@DonovanMcNeil I will get with the parents and try to get them registered via beascout. Thanks!

That is further evidence that they were never properly registered.

Whenever possible, I try to use online applications instead of paper. It should still be possible in your scenario too. The parents would just need to say the scout was previously registered and make sure they enter full legal name exactly like on their prior registration.

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