Merge Request for Adult Scouter with Multiple Council BSA Member IDs

I’ve been working with an adult whose primary registration is as an ASM with a unit in my council for a couple of months.

[Name removed by Moderator for privacy] BSA Member # 115106889 also has two registrations with the Montana Council as he was on camp staff a couple of years ago and also is registered as a merit badge counselor with that council.

I attempted to have him merge his accounts using the Manage Member ID tools, but his record in my council still does not reflect the accumulation of training, membership, etc.

He provided me with one BSA member ID from Montana (137128762 associated with Ship 2303), but could not provide me with the other.

Would you be able to locate his other Montana account and merge all accounts to his Greater Wyoming-Longs Peak Council account which would then bring things properly to Scoutbook?

Thanks and regards,
Lou Leopold
Assistant Council Commissioner - Training
Greater Wyoming - Longs Peak Council #62, BSA

I only find 2 BSA member numbers for this adult. I have temporarily made his other BSA number “primary” to try and get his training to copy over. Sometimes it can take a while.


Also, there is no e-mail in the Scoutbook account listed for your Council. He should log in to Scoutbook using his ID while MID 115106889 is primary, go to My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → E-Mail and add his address.

He is not currently registered with the ship. We can easily merge his Scoutbook accounts so that he only has one. Let us know.

I really appreciate the work done. Alex has been notified to verify and update his profiles in my.scouting and Scoutbook.

Here’s another one that just came in. It might be a similar situation. An adult with multiple council MIDs that need review and merged to their Greater Wyoming-Longs Peak Council MID as required.

Name: [Name removed by Moderator for privacy]
MID: 13858863 - Greater Wyoming - Longs Peak Council
Previous registrations (may be inactive):
MID 130579095 - Transatlantic Council
MID 133196155 - Gulf Coast Council
MID 136930109 - National Capital Area Council

She states she has an active my.scouting account and I instructed her on the use of Manage Member ID, but she’s getting “the provided member ID does not match the existing user profile” when attempting to add her current MID so I suspect something in her my.scouting profile may be different than her council registration (middle name issue)?

In any event, any insight and resolution you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Yours in Commissioner service,
Lou Leopold
Assistant Council Commissioner - Training
Greater Wyoming - Longs Peak Council #62, BSA


Could I please have the following accounts merged:
137087843 (primary) with 128747300

Thank you

@NicolasRietsch I am looking in to this for you.

@NicolasRietsch Everything should be good now.

Thank you very much.

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