Merge Membership Accounts

We moved and my son ended up with 2 different Membership #s and need to be merged. First is 135404588 (Atlanta Area Council 092, Pack 0770, Den 15, but before founding member of Den 4). Now, 137538697 (Spirit of Adventure 226, Pack 0081).

When changing Councils a new BSA Member ID is assigned.

I have merged the Scoutbook accounts and sent you a private message with details on what I found.

Click on the green circle with white C in the upper right corner of your forum window.

I didn’t think you could merge a Scout’s memberships and we had to go through council? Were you able to merge the accounts because they were two different councils?

Some SUAC members can merge Scoutbook accounts. We cannot merge BSA Member IDs (MIDs). MIDs are assigned on a per-council basis so when you change councils, you get a new MID. These cannot be merged. Councils are able to merge MIDs that are assigned to their council provided only 1 as a criminal background check attached.

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