3 profiles for 1 scoutmaster

I have a scoutmaster who somehow has 3 separate profiles on Scoutbook. He had access to his one of two children in the troop but not the full troop. The profile that has access and that he can sign into, is just a number. Not a member ID. Should we delete all 3 and start over?


Post his BSA Member ID (no names) and we will investigate. Most likely he has either been registered in multiple Councils, registered with different names (ex: Ed vs. Edward) or there is an error in his date of birth on one of the accounts.

His member Id is 129926455. He has been registered under 2 names. Duke and Larry. It should just be Larry. Oddly, one of his connections to his child only has a zip code in his contact info.

@KristinaDula is this the SCOUTS number?

No this is the scoutmasters number! He has 3 profiles and he cannot login to the ones we need him to. When he logs in to Scoutbook he can see the Troop but on my end it shows invitation is still pending and he hasn’t logged in in 3 years. He goes by 2 names but his legal name and what he uses for scouting purposes in Larry

@KristinaDula no this user has name of Jacob and has a 2007 DOB - check the 3 users and get the Scoutbook User IDs from Edit Profile

@KristinaDula OK I found the 2 Larry ones and fixed those

I found the last one and fixed it as well

Can you tell me what their user id would be or which email it was connected too? Thank you so much

I looked on Scoutbook and it still has him as Duke. Is there a way to get the Larry one as ScoutMaster? It still shows Duke as pending.
Jacob is his son in the Troop.

@KristinaDula I imagine DUKE is in the Nickname field.

colclan176@ is the email I see mcollins5180@ in another place

Hello. He tried logging in and now he can’t get in at all. He cannot remember his login (it was auto saved). Or password. Is there anyway to remove him and add him back?
He has asked “.”

Also it it helps, he should be connected to scout 129926455 and scout 131987862 as their parent and to all scouts as ScoutMaster.

Thank you for all your help

It is that username @KristinaDula your council can reset the password - or he can try resetting password at my.scouting.org