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I have an active leader (NAME REDACTED) who is apparently so active that they have 3 or possibly 4 accounts. This has caused the user trouble with entering advancements as I believe they are logging in to an account without privileges and after them trying to resolve it several times they’ve been having another leader enter advancements for them. Our Pack UnitID is REDACTED I believe (based on the URL).

I know they have one account with a member id of ID REDACTED as that’s the one that shows up in my training reports, but in my pack roster he has three accounts and if I view the connections on any of the scouts in the pack his name shows up four times.

I know this leader has completed BALOO training so I want to make sure that their training/awards/tenure is maintained but I’d like to see their accounts consolidated.

If any more information is required please let me know!
Thanks in advances.

@NickoBSA Ok this is mostly cleaned up - user needs to use Username, NOT email to log in - also- I recommend that They contact your local council and ask them to use the Registrar Tools to look up the children. When they look up the children, they want to check children’s “User Relationship” and make sure that children are connected to parent with the correct BSA member ID number

Thanks very much for the quick work! As far as contacting the Council, should they reach out to our District’s executive or Field Director, or possible the Council’s overall Director of Field Service?

I’m just trying to point them to the most likely candidates to make it as simple for them as possible.

@NickoBSA every council is different but Circle 10 seems to function well to solve issues

Thanks very much, in the mean time I had searched the forums for likely people and saw it mentioned to contact the “Registrar” I called the council and asked for the Registar’s information and explained the reasoning and they provided me with the Name and Phone number of the individual.

Have a great Monday!

Piggy-backing on this thread for a minute since I suspect I have a similar issue with one of our registered leaders.

Their leader account listed under our adult leaders in Scoutbook’s messaging interface says “No Emails”. However, they are receiving emails just fine, and I noticed that their listing under the parents in the Messaging interface lacks the “No Emails” flag. Since I can’t edit non-leader adult profiles, as discussed elsewhere, I can’t do quite as much data-checking as I’d like to look for data conflicts.

I suspect a new account was created when this parent registered as a scouter at the end of last year, but I wanted to make sure that the solution was a simple as having the registrar move the parent connections onto the “registered scouter” BSA ID account, having the Scoutbook accounts merged, and having the scouter log-in using their my.scouting credentials (or Google/Apple login, whatever they use at my.scouting).

“Registered scouter” account: BSA Member ID 14817288
“Parent” account (Scoutbook data only): ScoutUserID=12164406, ConnectionID=58982972

I wasn’t sure if you needed the scout’s BSA ID to find the rogue parent account, but figured I’d wait to see if it was needed before I added it.

ETA: Yes, I’m aware that the adult hasn’t logged into Scoutbook from either account. I figured I wouldn’t push that with them until we got this issue resolved.

@CharleyHamilton will look at it

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@CharleyHamilton that is fixed

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Thanks, @DonovanMcNeil!

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