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578 Items on Purchase Order

Well, we tried to use the new system to request awards and accidentally have two full years of scouting on one purchase/advancement report. How do I undo a purchase order?

Hello Patrick,
If the the Scouts have already already received some of the awards. I believe you just mark them as already awarded. And run the report again.

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I think marking something awarded even drops it from open POs. If not, @KennethMortello’s method definitely works. Delete the current 578-item PO (which dumps everything back into Needs Awarding Purchasing report). Then, mark everything Awarded that’s already been presented, and regenerate the PO with the shorter list.

ETA:. Thanks to @JenniferOlinger for catching my typo.

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@PatrickMcDade - it may help to know how you got to the point of so many items? Were you in scoutbook.com or IA2 ? There are many ways to get past the issue dependent up the path where it started.

POs are saved as they are developed and do not change after awarding items. I use my old POs to verify when items were bought.

I know that’s true after a PO is closed. Is it also true with the PO still open? I thought our AC told me that if I mark something awarded it falls off of her open PO. I could easily have misunderstood, though.

Marking items as Awarded will not change the PO - only the items that appear on the Needs Purchasing Report. The user would need to delete the PO, and then create a new PO.

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