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A new (to me) duplicate record bug

I have a new scout (transfer from another council) for whom I have two records. What’s new is that they both have the same BSAID listed. In the past, the two records usually had two different BSAIDs or one of the two had a blank BSAID. One has data, the other is empty. The empty one appears to be the one linked to http://scoutbook.scouting.org (aka IA2).

If I remove membership in my Troop for the empty record, will the other one then sync with IA2? The folks in charge of scoutbook user support at my council were not sure what I should do.

this sounds like something i have seen - do you have a minute for a screenshare

Yes, I do now, but I couldn’t figure out how to send a DM on discussions.scouting.org :slight_smile:

will bounce you one now @KevinNickels - watch your avatar top right to find it

The BSA doesn’t permit regular users to initiate DMs. You have to be contacted first by an admin/mod, then you can reply to that DM.

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I do bet deleting the extra one will clear up the Internet Advancement issue as well @KevinNickels

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That’s because youth are in the forums too, and there’d be no way to enforce YPT

Right. I seem to recall discussing this before, although I can’t immediately put my hands on that thread.

The necessity of the limitation (not the YPT aspect, but rather the specific implementation of limiting DMs) has been somewhat contradicted by folks from other Discourse forums who claim that DM can be limited based on user Group/Level, and youth could (in principle) be assigned to a Group that can neither initiate nor receive DM (except from mods). Since I don’t know how the back-end is set up for the BSA’s forums, it’s unclear whether or not it’s an issue of “other factors prevent using user Level/Group as a viable method of limiting DM” or if the information from the other forums is incorrect altogether. Obviously there must be some way to limit it based on role/Group/Level since mods can initiate DMs and others can respond to those DMs, but not initiate to anyone.

I recognize this is really OT. The only reason I had initially noted that the BSA restricted DMs was so that the OP understood that it wasn’t inability to find the feature, it was that the feature had been intentionally disabled.


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