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Duplicate accounts/records

Duplicate adult records have been an ongoing issue for years now, usually happens whenever an adult take on a new role or at recharter.

Now I’m having problems with multiple Scout records, one of which actually has the same BSA ID, which I didn’t think was possible.

I’ve talked to council about both the adult and scout records, but apparently they don’t have the ability to merge records anymore. Any suggestions or work around, other than removing the record from my roster, because that honestly doesn’t fix the problem especially when you have both records containing different info and different connections/roles

on Scouts often YOU have 2 connections to the scout somehow - go to Dashboard > My Account > My Connections - see if the Scout is listed twice - Look at the URL is the ScoutUserID=XXXXXX the same number - if it is it is one account but you have 2 connections - just delete one

(Name removed by moderator) BSA ID# 137140779, same number two different records, with different advancement/awards in Scoutbook.

(Name removed by moderator) BSA ID# 135761952 (primary) and 137121918, different numbers and different advancement/awards in Scoutbook

@JamesCarman1 I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it

Is this the place and process for sorting out duplicate adult Scoutbook accounts, since the email support option (mentioned throughout the forum) is no longer viable?

I have several MBC who have this situation, and even after combining their accounts in Scoutnet, they are not finding their MBC positions in their Scoutbook accounts.

…whatever the current process is, would it be possible to document it outside of ephemeral threads that focus on specific instances? It seems this will be a recurring problem and would be useful to have official generic instructions.

The first place to start is with your council. The councils are supposed to have access to tools to fix issues like this. If they are unable to help, you can ask on the forums and the SUAC will try to help. My council staff knows they can contact me if they encounter an issue they cannot resolve.


I appreciate your response. I am working with Council first, and am told that they have resolved the Scoutnet issues. But the counselors still can’t see their positions in Scoutbook.

I have three counselors who have had duplicate registrations corrected in Scoutnet but cannot see their MBC positions in Scoutbook.

136043986 and 13718278

131828573 and 132495605

132293354 and 126375144

These specific cases are dragging on for weeks, and I really would like to move on to putting out other fires.

Respectfully, isn’t some sort of general documentation and instruction a reasonable request? It seems that this is and will be a recurring problem. Having general instructions will help guide volunteers and staff to a more efficient solution.

Thanks for your attention and support,



@MichaelMerritt2 Have they gone to my.scouting and used Manage Member ID to set the correct BSA member number as “primary”?

After that, have they logged in to Scoutbook and used Switch SSO Profile to link with the correct BSA member number?

Edited to add: Users might also be able to remove the BSA member that has been deleted from their my.scouting account.


Um, no. They are merit badge counselors, not SUAC volunteers, they do what I advise them to and I have never seen these instructions.

Where is this documented?

So the process is first have Council merge their accounts, then have them log in to two different platforms and take these successive steps? As obvious as this may be to you, I suggest some updated documentation might help. I searched on duplicates and the top 50 results all said email support.

PS how do they and I know which ID should be primary? The one they currently see in Scoutbook or the one I see as MBC?

Please, I am sure I am not the only volunteer impacted. If the support line is defunct, please give staff and volunteers the guidance we need. I am more than happy to help!



The first person has 2 Scoutbook accounts. The account with the first MID which has the MBC position is not setup for SSO. The other account is setup for SSO. Using Manage Member ID in my.scouting.org and making sure the MID with the MBC is primary should fix the problem.

The second person has 2 Scoutbook accounts. Neither account is setup with SSO. The account with the MBC position uses an e-mail address in the form first.lastname@… This e-mail address should be used to log in then Switch SSO used connect the account to the my.scouitng.org ID.

The third is the situation we discussed via private message where different first names were used at registration. This must be fixed by the council first then the user should log in to my.scouting.org and use Manage Member ID to make sure the proper MID is primary then log in to Scoutbook.


I understand that this forum is the only way to fix these issues? Once a topic times out, create a new one?

The first case: login to my.scouting.org with which ID and run “manage member ID?” The first one or the second one or both?

The second I do not understand your instructions. Login to Scoutnet or Scoutbook? I don’t understand your reference or the relevance of SSO. Is that important? And the “scouting.org ID” is the other one?

On the third, Council said they fixed the first name issue, I saw that in the MBC upload but the counselor is still stuck. How do we know which MID should be primary?

Do any of these steps require an overnight wait or will changes in Scoutnet propagate immediately?

…and I appeal yet again for some general documentation. Please. Please please.



The Council needs to provide the users with their primary Member ID. They should then log in to my.scouting.org and use Manage Member ID add the missing MID to the account and make sure the one the Council says is primary is listed as Primary in Manage Member ID.

Switch SSO is a Scoutbook function. The neither of the user’s accounts is setup with SSO so he needs to log in to Scoutbook using his first.lastname@… e-mail address then use Switch SSO. He should first check Manage Member ID to make sure his proper MID is listed as primary.

On the 3rd user, I checked Akela, the BSA Person Database. From what I see here, the Council has not updated either of his accounts. Akela has different first names on these accounts. If the Council believes they did change the name on one of the accounts, they will need to use their internal BSA resources to find out why the change did not get propagated to Akela. I have no visibility into the process they use nor any way to force the change.

You find out which MID should be primary by asking the Council which is their primary MID. It is the one with all of their registered positions. If they have registered positions under both MIDs then the council needs to fix their registrations so that al positions in the council are registered under the same MID.

Someone else will need to comment on providing general documentation.

Fantastic specifics, deeply appreciated.

Can you please adjust the first name in Scoutnet as Ed indicates for the third pair of id’s below?

There is a clear need to document the new process for duplicate ID’s, we keep reinventing wheels in individual forum entries. Neither Ed nor Jennifer indicate they can impact general documentation. I hope you can help. Happy to be a part of the solution.

Separate issue, not sure how to update all the forum entries that point to the defunct support email? These are now misleading. Can a blanket update annotate the relevant forum topics that include that email string, referring folks to their Council staff?

(I do hope Council staff also have documentation and escalation resources…still awaiting updates on a district name garbling bug in Scoutbook that impacts 451 of my council merit badge counselors…) thanks to all,



You are posting in the public forums – not a private thread.


Very happy to have guidance to a better alternative. I think I asked three distinct times if this is the right way to get my issues addressed.

If this is a gentle correction, so taken. My alternatives, however, have not been articulated. If others are tracking this, I am sure they would appreciate guidance as well.


@MichaelMerritt2 You mentioned some people, but they are not tagged her in the forums. That was why I said it. I believe they are part of a private message, but not here.

I cc’d them in the email that posts here. Thanks!


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Unfortunately, Discourse does not provide a way for moderators to make a global change to forum text.


Thanks. Too bad. Having lots of bad advice erodes confidence in forums like this. Maybe put manual updated corrections as a project for the quiet winter nights?



Well, that’s why comment threads are supposed to eventually lock… If you search and see two responses to your problem, and one is from 2018 and the other from 2020, the newer one is probably more correct.